Event Park Rules


We welcome you to the 2018 Thunder Valley National.

David Clabaugh and the Staff at Thunder Valley would like this to be an enjoyable weekend for everyone and below you will find the track and camping rules. Please adhere to these rules, everyone here has spent a lot of time, effort and money for this race and we don’t want to have to ask that they leave the track.

So for everyone’s safety and enjoyment, please follow the rules.



2. Anyone taking Banners from the track will be prosecuted

3. No hanging on or pushing against the fences

4. No Glass Bottles

5. No Campfires or Fireworks

6. No house furniture

7. No scaffolding, ladders, beach umbrellas, canopies or easy-ups

8. No Admission until Thursday 8am

9. No pets allowed

10. NO ALCOHOL ALLOWED TO BE BROUGHT IN!  No Coolers!  If these rules are not adhered to, you will be asked to leave the premises.


Vehicles: All vehicles are subject to search upon entry by security personnel Coolers: All coolers will be searched by security personnel Responsibility: Motocross racing, like all motorsports, can be dangerous. When you enter the grounds you assume all risk of injury and/or damage. It is your responsibility to keep yourself and your children a safe distance from the racetrack. Parents, you are responsible for the safety of your children. Be aware of their location at all times. Never turn your back to oncoming racers. STAY OFF THE TRACK. Only registered racers and authorized personnel are permitted on the track.


Prohibited: We do not permit fireworks, firearms, glass containers or open fires

Tickets: Your arm band is your weekend ticket and must be worn at all times. If you leave the facility, you must have it on in order to re-enter. This is your gate ticket. Do not take it off.

Pets: All pets must be on a leash. No vicious or barking pets permitted. No pets are allowed in the spectator area They must remain at your air conditioned camper.

Camping Information: There are no electric or water hookups and is First Come – First Serve Basis

Quiet Time is 11:00 pm nightly.

Trash: Please use the trash receptacles around the camp sites. If you need trash bags, please get one from the front gate.


Track History




When Thunder Valley Motocross Park was founded in June of 1999

Promoter David Clabaugh couldn’t have known how appropriate his track’s name would become. He knew that nearby was an NHRA drag-racing track with the same name (Thunder Valley), but within a few short years of the founding of the motocross track, four-strokes took over motocross completely, leaving a sound of thunder every time the gate dropped at the facility.

Clabaugh has been around racing since he was a child. “I’ve been racing since I was 10 years old,” he explains. “When I got to the pro class, I realized that it wasn’t going to last forever, and I wanted to stay in the sport somehow, so I decided I wanted to buy a track. Clabaugh has put his blood, sweat, and tears into the facility, and the national here is seen as an example of what a world-class motocross event should look and feel like.

I ran local races on the weekends; however, I wanted the facility to grow,” Clabaugh says. “I wanted an AMA Pro Motocross Championship event. In 2000, I met MX Sports’ Tim Cotter, and I figured the only way I was ever going to get a national was to start going to as many of them as I could and figure out how it worked. I worked on the banner crew for about two years, just getting the inside line on how it all works. I began talking with John Ayers [also of MX Sports] about wanting a national in order to learn all sides of the sport and figure out how to promote. During this time, I had shown interest in being a promoter, and several people had come out to my facility to see if I was equipped to have an AMA Pro Motocross Championship event. I had made lots of upgrades to the facility with buildings, filling in ravines, etc.

I heard there was going to be a spot open on the national schedule and was told that Thunder Valley was first on the list.” Truth be told, Thunder Valley wasn’t just first on the list, it was the best choice, as Clabaugh and his loyal staff have proven every year since his first national, in 2005.

Thunder Valley, just a few miles below downtown Denver, hosted its first AMA Pro Motocross National in July of 2005. In the first few years of racing at the facility, riders and mechanics were met with a combination of altitude and summertime heat that not only made it physically difficult on them but caused the fuel in the motorcycles to literally boil. The solution was a revolutionary one: in 2008, Thunder Valley hosted the first AMA Pro Motocross National ever held at night, under a battery of lights that illuminated the valley. With a live internet and TV audience watching, the race was a smash hit. This year, Thunder Valley’s event will be held during the daylight hours.

Series Scedule


May 19 Hangtown Motocross Classic Sacramento, CA
May 26 Glen Helen National San Bernardino, CA
June 2 Thunder Valley National Lakewood, CO
June 16 High Point National Mt. Morris, PA
June 23 Tennessee National Blountville, TN
June 30 Southwick National Southwick, MA
July 7 RedBud National Buchanan, MI
July 21 Spring Creek National Millville, MN
July 28 Washougal National Washougal, WA
August 11 Unadilla National New Berlin, NY
August 18 Budds Creek National Mechanicsville, MD
August 25 Ironman National Crawfordsville, IN